The Genius Hat

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The Genius Hat –Education Without Effort

Our new, revolutionary product eliminates the needs for schools, textbooks, Wikipedia, and hard work. The Genius Hat is all that is needed to learn EVERYTHING. The antenna receives information that is constantly transmitted through radio waves (yes, radio waves). Radio waves were used to eliminate interference in the form of stupidity transmitted through social media

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We have a staff of engineers, doctors, rocket scientists, authors, chess masters, and lawyers who constantly study at our headquarters. Their brains are hooked up to our mainframe and our artificial intelligence is able to sort their thoughts into knowledge areas that are then transmitted to users of The Genius Hat. Users are constantly fed new information with no effort on their part.


Case Study #1: Master Chess Players

These two children have never seen a chess board before. However, after wearing The Genius Hat for only 10 minutes, the two kids started playing like grand champions.

2 young kids playing chess with genius hat

Case Study #2: PHD-Level Education as a 5th Grader

This young girl has been using The Genius Hat for 20 minutes, and is now able to teach Trigonometry, Physics I and Chemistry to her class at the same time!

Young Genius with Genius Hat

Are You Ready to be a Genius?

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Only a Limited Quantity Available