Top Areas To Improve

Acing the following topics will have the biggest impact on your score
TopicPotential Improvement
1. Reading: Inference168 points
2. Reading: Fact/Detail158 points
3. Polygons & Circles90 points
4. Reading: Main Idea74 points
5. Integers65 points
SHSAT AssessmentVerbal
Topic% CorrectRoom to Improve
Reading: Main Idea0%5 to 6 questions
Reading: Fact/Detail0%11 to 20 questions
Reading: Inference0%5 to 13 questions
Revising/Editing: Commas0%1 to 2 questions
Revising/Editing: Using Precise Language0%1 to 3 questions
Revising/Editing: Fragment/Run-on0%0 to 1 questions
Revising/Editing: Dangling Modifier0%0 to 1 questions
Revising/Editing: Shifts in Verb Tense0%1 to 1 questions
Revising/Editing: Transitions0%1 to 2 questions
Revising/Editing: Supporting & Irrelevant0%6 to 6 questions
Revising/Editing: Combining Sentences0%2 to 2 questions
Revising/Editing: Misc.0%0 to 0 questions
Topic% CorrectRoom to Improve
Integers0%4 to 9 questions
Factors, Multiples, & Prime Factorization0%2 to 5 questions
Scientific Notation0%1 to 2 questions
Fractions0%2 to 4 questions
Order of Operations0%4 to 6 questions
Percent0%3 to 4 questions
Rates, Ratios, & Proportions0%3 to 7 questions
Mean, Median, Mode & Range0%1 to 3 questions
Age & Remainder0%2 to 5 questions
Verbal to Algebraic0%0 to 1 questions
Solving an Algebraic Equation0%4 to 9 questions
Solving in Terms of a Variable0%1 to 4 questions
Evaluating Functions0%1 to 3 questions
Number Lines0%1 to 3 questions
Angles0%0 to 2 questions
Triangles0%2 to 3 questions
Polygons & Circles0%3 to 8 questions
Volume0%0 to 1 questions
X-Y Coordinate Plane0%1 to 2 questions
Probability & Data0%3 to 4 questions
Word Problems0%2 to 4 questions