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Note: Your estimated score for the math section will be visible after both math sections are completed.

Topic% CorrectRoom to Improve
Main Idea0%5 questions
Fact0%4 questions
Evidence0%10 questions
Inference0%14 questions
Vocab-in-Context0%7 questions
Comparing Passages0%3 questions
Purpose0%3 questions
Data0%6 questions
Writing & Language
Topic% CorrectRoom to Improve
Punctuation0%6 questions
Dangling Modifiers0%2 questions
Pronouns0%4 questions
Word Choice0%6 questions
Relevant Information0%5 questions
Combining Sentences0%2 questions
Verb Tense0%4 questions
Organization0%2 questions
Transitions/Introductory Phrases0%7 questions
Data0%1 questions
Topic% CorrectRoom to Improve
Circles0%2 questions
Data/Probability/Bias0%6 questions
Ratio/Proportion0%7 questions
Dividing PolynomialsN/AN/A
Simplifying Rational ExpressionsN/AN/A
Absolute Value0%1 questions
Common Math Tricks0%1 questions
Solve in Terms of Another Variable(s)N/AN/A
Functions0%2 questions
Infinite Solutions/No SolutionN/AN/A
Average Increase/DecreaseN/AN/A
Equating CoefficientsN/AN/A
Solving Equations & Simplifying Expressions0%7 questions
Quadratics & Zeros0%7 questions
Trigonometry0%1 questions
Linear Functions0%12 questions
Systems of Equations0%3 questions
Exponential Growth/Decay0%6 questions
Converting UnitsN/AN/A
Percent0%2 questions
Exponent RulesN/AN/A
Angles & PolgonsN/AN/A
Imaginary Numbers0%1 questions