How to Teach Math Remotely: 5 Tips to Save Hours of Work Every Week

5 Tips to Save Hours of Work Every Week When Teaching Remotely

#1: Set Up Your Default Virtual Meeting Room Settings

Set up your default settings once, so you don’t have to click around each time trying to remember what options you should select.

Select Your Zoom Settings

#2: Use Microsoft Edge to present and mark-up PDFs

When teaching online, reduce the hassle of writing out all of your notes by sharing your screen with a PDF open. The PDF should have most of the notes already typed. You’ll just highlight, underline or add notes as you teach. Other software, such as Adobe Acrobat, charge for the ability to mark-up PDFs, but Microsoft Edge is free.

Use free program to mark up PDF

#3: Use Existing Resources

Don’t spend time each day creating new lessons for online instruction or scanning existing worksheets and pages from books. Instead, use existing PDFs, even if you haven’t used them in the past. has many resources available; some resources are free and some aren’t. We have 31 math PDFs available for free there.

Here is the link:

#4: Use Videos

You can either record your videos ahead of time or use existing videos. Recording your own videos will take time, but you can use the same video for multiple classes. Assign it for homework and then in class work on problems. Of course, to save the most time, you should use existing videos. Khan Academy has tons of videos for many subjects. We also have videos for Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra 2 that are free to use. Here’s the link to find our videos:

Use Caddell Prep Videos

#5: Use our online homework platform with existing math assignments

This is the biggest time saver of all the tips. Use our online platform to assign already created math assignment (no extra work on your behalf). Our platform will automatically grade and record your students’ work (no extra work on your behalf). Students can watch video explanations of everything they got wrong and learn from their mistakes (no extra work on your behalf). 

Learn more about our online math homework platform here:

Caddell Prep Online Homework

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