1. The photographer placed the couple in the __________ of the photo, with a blurred background.
2. The article __________ the reasons behind the recent economic downturn in a way that is easy to understand.
3. The child's drawing was full of __________ creatures and imaginary landscapes.
4. The fashion industry is constantly __________, with new trends emerging every season.
5. The scientists carefully __________ the data collected from the experiment, considering what each piece of data reveals.
6. Please __________ that all doors are locked before leaving the building.

7. The company was accused of __________ data to make their product seem more effective.
8. The company's dedication to sustainability and ethical practices __________ its commitment to corporate social responsibility.
9. The chef added a pinch of salt to __________ the flavors of the soup.
10. The fans showed their __________ for the team with loud cheers and applause.
11. The oracle __________ a time of great prosperity for the kingdom in the near future.
12. His actions __________ the company's commitment to social responsibility, choosing a new supplier reduced profits by 2% but ensured business went to a supplier who didn’t harm the local environment.
13. The jewelry box was filled with __________ treasures, including diamonds and pearls.
14. He maintained his __________ despite the chaos and panic around him.
15. The professor had __________ knowledge of ancient history, having studied it for decades.
16. The book __________ the virtues of courage and perseverance in the face of adversity through praise of the heroes.
17. The weather in this region tends to __________, with sunny days often followed by rain.
18. The researchers __________ different materials to find the most suitable one for their project.
19. Her initials were __________ onto the back of her watch as a personal touch.
20. The constitution __________ the fundamental principles and values of the nation.