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College Planning

College planning, including deciding which colleges to apply to, is a complex process. Determining how likely a college is to accept a student is not as easy as looking at a few grades and an SAT score. Also, the true cost of a college is rarely the cost printed in a brochure. Many things have to be taken into account when determining the true cost, including financial aid, likelihood of scholarships, and more.

Our College Planning Service Includes:

  • Detailed college profiles for over 1,700 top colleges
  • Information and qualifications on Need, Merit, and State Aid
  • List Balancing Tools to ensure a well-balanced application pool
  • Academic and Personal Profiles tailored to each grade level

Fit & Match categories are used to classify the likelihood of a student being admitted to each college on the student’s list. The five categories are:

  • Very Good to Excellent
  • Solid to Strong
  • Good Choice
  • Somewhat Difficult
  • Very Difficult

Students can also see how they compare to the most recent freshman class accepted to each college on their lists, based on:

  • GPA (grade point average)
  • SAT (SAT scores)
  • ACT (ACT scores)
  • LEVEL (course level)
  • ACTIVITY (extracurricular activities)

Fit & Match Feature and the Student Comparison Feature:

Estimated Cost of College Based on Student’s Information:


Yearly Online Access Plans

  • $399 for a 30-min consultation (in-person/skype/over-the-phone) and 1 year of access to our online College Planning service. Renew each year for $249. Each additional 30-min consultation is $75.
  • $349 for 1 year of access to our online College Planning service (no consultation).
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3 Categories
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