1. A bakery sells 5 apple muffins for every 2 bran muffins sold. Which table shows this ratio?


2. In which set do all of the values make the inequality 2x - 1 \textless 10 true?

A. {10, 15, 20}
B. {5, 7, 9}
C. {4, 6, 8}
D. {2, 3, 4}

3. The model below reprsents a division problem.

Which equation is represented by the model?

A. 2\dfrac{1}{3} \div \dfrac{2}{3}=3\dfrac{1}{2}
B. 2\dfrac{1}{3} \div \dfrac{2}{3}=3\dfrac{1}{3}
C. \dfrac{7}{1} \div \dfrac{1}{3}=2\dfrac{1}{3}
D. \dfrac{2}{3} \div 3\dfrac{1}{2}=2\dfrac{1}{3}

4. What is the value of the expression below?
2 [3 (4{2} + 1) ] - 2{3}

A. 156
B. 110
C. 94
D. 48

9. Triangle QRS, with vertices Q(6,-2), R(4,-7), and S(2,-5), is drawn insie a rectangle, as shown below.

What is the area, in square units, of triangle QRS?

A. 7
B. 10
C. 13
D. 18

10. Points F and G have been plotted on the coordinate plane below.

Point G and point H are the same distance from point F. Which coordinates could be the location of point H?

A. (1,2)
B. (4,2)
C. (5,1)
D. (2,5)

13. A bookstore is selling books for \$10 each. Which graph shows the relationship between the number of books, x, the store sold and the total amount of money, y, paid from the book sales?


14. The ratio of students to adults on a field trip is 8 to 1. Which table correctly shows this ratio for each grade?


15. Which phrase is a description of 2m + 7?

A. 7 more than 2 times m
B. 2 more than 7 times m
C. 2 times the sum of 7 and m
D. 7 times the sum of 2 and m

16. George has \$23 to spend on art supplies. He wants to buy markers, paper, and glue. If the total cost of the markers and paper is more than \$14, which inequality represents the dollar amount, p, George can spend on glue?

A. p \textless 9
B. p \textgreater 9
C. p \textless 37
D. p \textgreater 37

17. The net of a rectangular prism is shown below. The surface area of each face is labeled.

Which values represent the dimensions, in centimeters, of the rectangular prism?

A. 12,18,24
B. 3,4,8
C. 3,4,6
D. 2,9,12

18. A salesperson had \$240,000 in sales last year, which is 60\% of the sales she had this year. Which equation could be used to determine x, the salesperson’s total amount of sales, in dollars, for this year?

A. \dfrac{240,000}{x} = \dfrac{60}{100}
B. \dfrac{240,000}{100} = \dfrac{x}{60}
C. \dfrac{60}{240,000} = \dfrac{x}{100}
D. \dfrac{60}{100} = \dfrac{x}{240,000}

19. A student formed a pattern in which each term is represented by a sum. The first four terms of the pattern are shown below.

Which expression can be used to determine the value of the sum in any term, n?

A. n^{2}
B. 4n
C. n + 3
D. 2^{n}

20. Jason will use a \dfrac{1}{3} gallon pitcher to fill an empty \dfrac{3}{4} gallon water jug. How much water will he need in order to completely fill the water jug?

A. between 1 and 2 full pitchers
B. between 2 and 3 full pitchers
C. about \dfrac{1}{2} of a full pitcher
D. about \dfrac{1}{4} of a full pitcher

23. Which expression is equivalent to 5 (6x + 3y) ?

A. 11x + 3y
B. 11x + 8y
C. 30x + 3y
D. 30x + 15y

24. The diagram below shows the percentages of people attending a football game who were supporters of either the home team or the visiting team.

If the total number of people attending the game was 64,000, how many people were supporters of the home team?

A. 12,800
B. 38,400
C. 48,000
D. 51,200

25. Which pair of expressions is equivalent for any variable value greater than zero?

A. 3(x + 2) and 3x + 2
B. 4d + 2e and 8d + e
C. f + f +f + g and 3fg
D. b + b + 3c and 2b + 3c

26. What is the greatest common factor of 42 and 84?

A. 7
B. 21
C. 42
D. 84

27. Kira studied data collected on the school basketball team for one season. She noticed that a player on the team had 13 successful free throws out of a total of 20 attempted free throws. To find the percentage of the total free throws attempted by this player that were successful, Kira set up the equivalent ratios below.

What are the values for m and n in Kira’s equation?

A. m=65,
B. m=100,
C. m=93,
D. m=65,

28. What is the least common multiple of 4 and 10?

A. 14
B. 20
C. 40
D. 60

29. The surface area, S, of a right rectangular prism with length l, width w, and heigh h can be found using the formula below.
S=2(lw + wh + hl)

What is the surface area, in square inches, of a prism with a length of 12 inches, a width of 9 inches, and a height of 2 inches?

A. 300
B. 258
C. 150
D. 92

30. Which point on the number line below represents the number opposite the number -5\dfrac{1}{2}?

A. point P
B. point Q
C. point R
D. point S

34. In 2010, Kim-Ly earned $17.50 for 2 hours of work. Which table shows the relationship between the number of hours worked and Kim-ly’s total earnings if her rate per hour is constant?


35. Susan reads a book at a rate of 1 page every 3 minutes. If her reading rate remains the same, which method could be used to determine the number of minutes for her to read 18 pages?

A. add 18 and 3
B. divide 18 by 3
C. multiply 3 by 18
D. subtract 3 from 18

36. A triangle has vertices on a coordinate grid at points J(-1,5), K(4,5), and L(4,-2). What is the length, in units, of \overline{KL}?

A. 3
B. 7
C. 8
D. 11

37. Rosa has a goal of running a total of 100 miles this month. Each day that she ran, she ran 5 miles. Which expression could Rosa use to determine how many miles she has left to run after running for d days?

A. 100 - 5d
B. 5d + 100
C. \dfrac{100}{5d}
D. 5d

38. The inequality below compares two rational numbers.

If the two numbers were plotted as values on a horizontal number line, which statement would be true?

A. Both numbers lie to the right of 0, and -\dfrac{8}{18} lies to the left of -\dfrac{17}{18}.
B. Both numbers lie to the left of 0, and -\dfrac{8}{18} lies to the left of -\dfrac{17}{27}.
C. Both numbers lie to the right of 0, and -\dfrac{8}{18} lies to the right of -\dfrac{17}{27}.
D. Both numbers lie to the left 0, and -\dfrac{8}{18} lies to the right of -\dfrac{8}{18} lies to the right of -\dfrac{17}{27}.

39. Which value or values for the variable c from the set below will make 5.6 + 0.4c\leq 6c true?
{0, 0.875, 1, 2.5}

A. only 2.5
B. 1 and 2.5
C. 0.875, 1 , and 2.5
D. all values in the set

40. Steve ordered plastic cases for storing his baseball cards. Each case has a length of 12 centimeters, a width of 6.5 centimeters, and a height of 1.25 centimeters. What is the volume, in cubic centimeters, of one baseball card case?

A. 39.5
B. 97.5
C. 118.5
D. 202.25

41. Kim rode her bicycle 135 miles in 9 weeks, riding the same distance each week. Eric rode his bicycle 102 miles in 6 weeks, riding the same distance each week. Which statement correctly compares the number of miles per week they rode?

A. Eric rode 2 more miles per week than Kim rode.
B. Kim rode 3 more miles per week than Eric rode.
C. Kim rode 11 more miles per week than Eric rode.
D. Eric rode 17 more miles per week than Kim rode.

42. A net of a triangular prism is shown below.

What is the surface area, in square feet, of the triangular prism?

A. 44
B. 96
C. 108
D. 120

43. The two expressions below are equivalent.
y(2.5 + 7) + y - 2),
10.5y - 2

Which statement best explains why the expressions are equivalent?

A. The expressions have the same value for any value of y.
B. The expressions have the same value for only whole number values of y.
C. The expressions have the same value only when y is an odd number.
D. The expressions have the same value only when y is an even number.

44. Two whole numbers have a least common multiple 60.

-Each number is less than or equal to 12
-The greatest common factor of the two numbers is 2.

What are the two numbers?

A. 6 and 10
B. 5 and 12
C. 10 and 12
D. 12 and 15

45. Which quantity could go in the blank to make the equation below true?
x + 2x + ___ =5x

A. 2
B. 3
C. 2x
D. 3x

46. Which coordinate grid shows point M plotted at (4,3)?


50. What is the area, in square centimeters, of the shaded part of the rectangle shown below?

A. 20
B. 60
C. 100
D. 140

51. A sandwich shop sells sandwiches for \$5.95 each, including tax. The shop received a total of \$71.40 from the sales of sandwiches one afternoon. Which equation can be used to determine the number of sandwiches, x, sold by the sandwich shop that afternoon?

A. 5.95 + x=71.40
B. 5.95 \div 71.40=x
C. 5.95x = 71.40
D. 5.95 \div x=71.40