Staten Island, one of the five boroughs of New York City, is a haven for recreational enthusiasts looking for various activities to enjoy. Dense with parks, natural landscapes, and a rich cultural history, Staten Island offers endless opportunities for people of all ages to engage in recreational activities and to enjoy their leisure time.

Staten Island is an ideal destination for outdoor lovers with an array of parks, golf courses, and beautiful natural spaces. In addition to pristine green spaces, visitors can enjoy diverse shopping, dining, and entertainment options such as movie theaters and cultural events. Sports fans can catch a Minor League Baseball game featuring the Staten Island Ferry Hawks. At the same time, those who prefer a more serene experience can simply relax and take in the stunning city views from aboard the ferry or explore the Gateway National Recreation Area.

Key Takeaways


Clove Lakes Park

Clove Lakes Park offers a variety of recreational activities in Staten Island, NY. You can find walking trails, picnic areas, a soccer field, two baseball fields, and a football field. Additionally, there are playgrounds, a boathouse, and a lake for boating activities. There are four full-court basketball courts. Public transportation can access the park, like bus numbers S53, S61, S62 and S67.

Silver Lake Park

In the New York City neighborhood of Staten Island, Silver Lake Park offers recreational facilities such as tennis courts, a playground, and a golf course. Enjoy the scenic views, walking paths, and designated picnic areas. Use public transportation like the S61 bus to reach the park.

Clay Pit Ponds Park

Clay Pit Ponds Park is home to various plant and animal species. With over 2 miles of hiking trails, you can explore Staten Island’s diverse natural habitats. Make reservations in advance for group events or educational programs.

Bloomingdale Park

Bloomingdale Park caters to sports enthusiasts and outdoor activity lovers alike. With baseball fields, soccer fields, and basketball courts, the park allows for a diverse range of athletic pursuits. There are also playgrounds, walking paths, and picnic areas.

Wolfe’s Pond Park

Wolfe’s Pond Park offers recreational activities like hiking, fishing, and bird watching. The park’s beaches provide the perfect setting for a scenic bike ride or a stroll. You can also rent kayaks and canoes to explore the Staten Island coastline. Parking areas are available for your convenience.

Lemon Creek Park

Lemon Creek Park is a picturesque location offering fishing, hiking, and nature appreciation. Discover the park’s historic structures, such as the Seguine Mansion, and learn about Staten Island’s past. Public transportation, such as the S55 bus, provides easy access to the park.

Great Kills Parks

Part of the Gateway National Recreation Area, Great Kills Parks features beaches, boating opportunities, and beautiful views of the New York Harbor. Visit the historic structures like the Great Kills Lighthouse, take a bike path, or volunteer for park programs.

High Rock Park

High Rock Park, nestled in Staten Island’s Greenbelt, boasts walking trails, forested areas, and a variety of wildlife. You can use public transport options like the S61 or S62 buses to access the park.

Freshkills Park

Freshkills Park, a former landfill, is now being transformed into a public recreational space. The park hosts special events and is a vital regional environmental resource. Follow driving directions, or use public transportation like the S62 bus to reach Freshkills Park.

Willowbrook Park

Willowbrook Park offers open spaces for relaxation, sports fields, and a lake for boating activities. Make use of the park’s recreational facilities or participate in educational programs. Parking is available, and public transportation options include the S61 and S62 buses.

Conference House Park

Conference House Park is home to the historic Billopp House, an important site in New York City’s history. The park features scenic walking trails, beautiful Raritan Bay views, and bird watching opportunities. Access the park via public transport like the S78 bus.


Ice Skating at the Pavillion

If you’re looking for a great ice-skating experience on Staten Island, head over to The Pavillion at the Staten Island Skating Pavilion. This indoor ice-skating rink offers a well-maintained facility for skaters of all skill levels. They provide skate rentals, so don’t worry if you don’t have your own equipment. You can also enjoy skating lessons and participate in various ice-based activities and events throughout the year.

Ice Skating at Clove Lakes Park

Another fantastic option for ice skating on Staten Island is Clove Lakes Park. During winter, the park’s lake transforms into a beautiful natural skating area. Check the ice conditions before heading out as the weather and ice thickness can vary. Enjoy the scenic surroundings as you skate through the park, soaking in nature and the crisp winter air.

Roller Skating at Roller Jam

If you prefer roller skating to ice skating, look no further than Roller Jam USA. This indoor roller-skating rink offers a fun and exciting environment for skaters of all abilities. With regular themed nights and a lively atmosphere, Roller Jam is a popular destination for families, friends, and parties. You can rent skates on site and, if needed, purchase protective gear. The rink also offers lessons and hosts private events.

Skating Rink in Wolfe’s Pond Park

Consider visiting the Wolfe’s Pond Park Skating Rink for outdoor roller skating. You can enjoy the fresh air and beautiful park surroundings while you skate around the rink. The rink suits roller skaters, inline skaters, and even skateboarders. It’s a great spot to practice your skating skills, socialize with other skaters, or enjoy some quality outdoor recreational time. It’s perfect for friends to meet up and play roller hockey.

Golf Courses

Staten Island offers a variety of recreational activities for residents and visitors alike. Among these options are several golf courses that provide a great opportunity to enjoy some time outdoors while honing your skills on the green. This section will explore the Latourette Golf Course, Silver Lake Golf Course, and South Shore Country Club.

Latourette Golf Course

Latourette Golf Course is a public course in the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation. Surrounded by lush greenery and rolling hills, this course offers you an enjoyable golfing experience set amidst nature. The course challenges all skill-level golfers, boasting well-maintained greens and fairways. After your game, feel free to relax at their on-site restaurant, which offers a variety of food and drink options.

Silver Lake Golf Course

Silver Lake Golf Course presents a picturesque setting for your golf outings, featuring beautiful views of Staten Island’s famous reservoir. The course offers a mix of uphill and downhill holes, various water hazards, and strategically placed bunkers to challenge golfers of any skill level. The clubhouse at Silver Lake offers a restaurant and bar and rental facilities for special events.

South Shore Country Club

For a more exclusive golf experience, consider visiting the South Shore Country Club. This private club boasts an 18-hole golf course designed by renowned course architect A.W. Tillinghast. In addition to excellent golf facilities, the club provides a variety of amenities, including swimming pools, tennis courts, and a fitness center. As a private club, membership is required to access the golf course and other amenities.

As you explore Staten Island’s golf courses, take the opportunity to enjoy the scenic surroundings and varied challenges each course presents. Remember to have fun and enjoy the recreational experiences on this beautiful island.


Staten Island Mall

When visiting Staten Island, you should visit the Staten Island Mall for your shopping needs. This large enclosed shopping center offers various stores, restaurants, and services to satisfy your retail desires. Anchored by major department stores and featuring numerous specialty shops, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. In addition to shopping, the mall also hosts events and activities throughout the year, providing entertainment for the whole family.

Bricktown Centre at Charleston

For a more outdoor shopping experience, head to Bricktown Centre at Charleston. This sprawling retail complex offers a pleasant mix of well-known brands and local shops. The open-air, pedestrian-friendly design will have you strolling along from shop to shop, enjoying the atmosphere of this unique shopping destination. In addition to the retail offerings, the center also features dining options and services for a well-rounded shopping experience.

The Boulevard (on Hylan Blvd)

Lastly, The Boulevard on Hylan Boulevard is another shopping destination to consider on Staten Island. This shopping center, currently under construction, promises to bring an exciting mix of retail, dining, and entertainment options once completed. Keep an eye out for the grand opening of this new addition to Staten Island’s shopping scene, as it’s sure to become a popular destination for both residents and visitors alike.

Movie Theaters

AMC Dine-in Staten Island 11

At the AMC Dine-in Staten Island 11, you can enjoy a movie with the added benefit of a full dine-in service. This theater features comfortable, reclining seats and a menu offering various food options, from appetizers to meals and desserts. You can even order a drink from the full bar, making it an ideal spot to unwind and catch the latest blockbuster.

Atrium Cinema

The Atrium Cinema is a cozy, smaller theater that offers a more intimate film-watching experience. Located in the heart of Staten Island, this venue presents both new releases and select older films that have garnered a dedicated following. Explore the surrounding area before or after your movie, home to various shops and eateries.

Regal Bricktown

As part of the popular Regal Entertainment Group, the Regal Bricktown theater is a reliable choice for a movie night on Staten Island. With multiple screens and advanced digital projection technology, you can trust that your experience will be nothing short of visually and audibly impressive. Be sure to visit the concession stand for popcorn, candies, and other tasty treats to accompany your film.

Staten Island Ferry Hawks (Minor League Baseball)

As a resident or visitor of Staten Island, you can enjoy minor league baseball games by supporting the Staten Island Ferry Hawks. This team aims to bring excitement and entertainment to the community through their passion for baseball.

When attending a game, you’ll notice Ferry Hawks’ commitment to offering a fun and family-friendly atmosphere. Players work hard on the field, while spectators take in the thrilling action from the comfort of the stands. In between innings, you can expect various activities and promotions to keep the excitement going.

The team plays at a conveniently located ballpark adjacent to the Staten Island Ferry Terminal. This prime location makes it easy for fans to commute to games from various parts of the city. Furthermore, it allows spectators to combine a day of baseball with other recreational activities available on Staten Island.

By supporting the Staten Island Ferry Hawks, you’re witnessing quality baseball played at a competitive level and contributing to the growth and development of athletes who aspire to reach higher levels in their careers. Remember to check the schedule for upcoming games, invite your friends and family, and enjoy the fun-filled experience of cheering on your local minor league baseball team.


Real Madrid

At Real Madrid, you can enjoy various Spanish cuisine in a warm and welcoming setting. The menu offers delicious tapas, paella, and sangria to satisfy your taste needs. Don’t miss out on the experience of sharing small plates with friends and immersing yourself in the Spanish dining culture.

Denino’s Pizzeria

Denino’s Pizzeria, a Staten Island staple since 1937, is known for its crispy thin-crust pizza and relaxed atmosphere. Here, you can indulge in classics like the garlic and clam pizza or more inventive combinations, making Denino’s an excellent choice for pizza lovers.

Blue Restaurant

Blue Restaurant, situated on the waterfront, offers an elegant dining experience with views overlooking the ocean. The upscale menu features a mix of Mediterranean-inspired seafood dishes and traditional American fare. Take time to savor the delicious meals and serene ambiance.


Bayou brings the flavors of Louisiana to Staten Island with its Cajun-inspired menu. You’ll love the authentic gumbo, jambalaya, etouffee, and Southern favorites. The lively atmosphere and Mardi Gras-themed décor complete the experience.

Royal Crown bakery

Royal Crown Bakery is not just a bakery; it’s also a great spot for breakfast and lunch. Besides famous for its artisan bread, the bakery offers hearty sandwiches, salads, and soups. Make sure to save room for their delectable pastries and cookies.

Angelina’s Ristorante

You’ll be treated to Italian fine dining in a luxurious setting at Angelina’s Ristorante. The menu features a range of classic dishes made with high-quality ingredients, and the extensive wine list ensures you’ll find the perfect pairing. Angelina’s offers both indoor and outdoor seating with waterfront views.

Marina Cafe

Marina Cafe is a seaside eatery specializing in fresh seafood and stunning views. The menu showcases a mix of traditional and contemporary dishes, like the local favorite seafood risotto. The restaurant’s dockside location makes it a popular spot for boaters and Staten Island residents alike.

Lee’s Tavern

Lee’s Tavern has been a favorite neighborhood hangout since 1940. Known for its thin-crust bar pies, this cash-only establishment offers a cozy and friendly atmosphere. With a great selection of traditional pub fare and local brews, it’s the perfect spot to catch up with friends or watch a game on the big screen.


Duffy’s, located in West Brighton, is a casual Irish pub serving Staten Island since 1965. Known for its warm and welcoming atmosphere, Duffy’s offers tasty pub grub, a well-stocked bar, and occasional live music. Stop in for a pint, a bite to eat, and a dose of Irish charm.


Staten Island is home to several public libraries that offer various recreation opportunities in addition to their general resources. You can take advantage of these libraries’ many facilities, programs, and services.

Each library on Staten Island caters to its neighborhood, creating a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for residents. You can visit the New York Public Library (NYPL) website to find the nearest library and learn about their specific offerings. These libraries host a vast collection of materials and offer community-centric spaces where you can engage in recreational activities and learning programs.

Some libraries on Staten Island feature dedicated facilities for recreation, such as meeting rooms, multimedia stations, or sections for hobbies and crafts. You can inquire about any necessary reservations or memberships, as different branches may have slightly different policies and offerings.

Programming at Staten Island libraries is diverse and accommodates various age groups and interests. You’ll find events like family-friendly movie nights, book clubs, resume-writing workshops, and art classes. Many of these programs are free with your library card, although some may require prior registration. Feel free to contact your local branch for detailed information on available programming and any specific instructions.

Another aspect of the library experience on Staten Island is the provision of instruction and learning opportunities. The libraries regularly offer workshops, courses, and tutorials led by experts in various fields. These sessions can enhance your skills, whether it’s a new hobby or professional development. You can also connect with other enthusiasts in your community.

In summary, Staten Island, NY libraries provide numerous recreational opportunities, community-focused facilities, and diverse learning programs. To participate in any of these activities or learn more, visit your local library, their website, or contact them for further information.

High Schools

High schools play a significant role in providing access to various athletic and leisure activities when exploring recreation on Staten Island. While Staten Island is one of the five boroughs in New York City, it maintains a unique and vibrant community with various recreational opportunities suitable for all ages.

Several high schools on Staten Island boast top-notch facilities and programs that cater to residents looking for sports and recreational amenities. Many of these institutions offer accessible public transportation options, such as the S51 bus that stops near School Road, making it convenient for students and community members to participate in these activities.

One notable school is conveniently off the Bay Street exit, enabling easy access for those who rely on public transportation or prefer to drive and utilize the available parking area. The school offers outdoor and indoor facilities for various sports, including football, basketball, and soccer fields, as well as a gymnasium for volleyball and basketball games.

High schools on Staten Island play an essential role in creating a sense of community by hosting sports events, competitions, and other recreational activities that foster camaraderie among the residents. Additionally, numerous schools collaborate with local organizations and community centers to provide diverse extracurricular activities and resources that promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

In conclusion, high schools across Staten Island continue to contribute significantly to the recreational landscape of the borough. By offering accessible facilities, diverse programs, and fostering a strong sense of community, they significantly enhance the overall quality of life for Staten Island’s residents.

Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden on Staten Island is an ideal location for exploring, offering a mix of natural beauty and recreational opportunities. Located within the Gateway National Recreation Area, this garden is managed by the National Park Service and is situated near the New York Harbor and Fort Wadsworth. Not only is it a perfect spot for relaxation and enjoyment, but it also serves as a place for education and learning.

While visiting the Botanical Garden, you can access various trails and a bike path that meanders through the picturesque landscape. These trails provide perfect fresh air and exercise opportunities while admiring the diverse plants and trees. If you are an avid beach-goer, Staten Island’s Botanical Garden is conveniently located near several beaches you can visit.

In addition to its natural features, the area surrounding the Botanical Garden is home to several historic structures that showcase Staten Island’s rich history. You may come across these sites while hiking or biking through the garden, which can provide you with a fascinating glimpse into the past.

If you want to contribute your time and effort, consider volunteering at the Botanical Garden. By joining their team of dedicated volunteers, you’ll play a significant role in preserving and enhancing the gardens and natural environment. Your contributions can range from helping with the upkeep of trails to assisting with educational programs, depending on your interests and availability.

Although the Botanical Garden is open for public exploration, some activities, such as group events or access to specific areas, may require permits. You must contact the National Park Service to obtain these permits to understand the application process and any associated fees.

Finally, no trip to Staten Island’s Botanical Garden would be complete without taking in the breathtaking views from the Fort Wadsworth Overlook. Perched atop a hill, the overlook offers a magnificent panorama of the New York Harbor, making it an ideal spot for photography or simply enjoying the scenery.

Remember, this Botanical Garden is where nature and history come to life, so grab your hiking boots, camera, and sense of adventure – and let your journey begin.

Education and Recreation

Staten Island offers a variety of educational and recreational opportunities for residents and visitors alike. Many public facilities in the 10314 zip code vicinity focus on providing both learning experiences and entertainment.

You can find numerous public parks and recreation centers scattered throughout the island. These facilities often host educational programs and workshops, aimed at people of all ages. Whether you’re interested in arts and crafts, sports instruction, or even environmental stewardship, you’ll find activities that cater to your interests.

Additionally, Staten Island is home to many cultural institutions that offer enriching experiences. For example, museums such as the Staten Island Museum and the Staten Island Children’s Museum provide interactive exhibits and engaging educational programs. These cultural centers offer fun learning opportunities to enrich your knowledge and understanding of various topics.

Taking advantage of the island’s natural resources, environmental education programs are available throughout Staten Island. Organizations such as the Greenbelt Conservancy and the Staten Island Zoo provide comprehensive environmental education, focusing on the island’s unique ecology and natural habitats. These programs are geared toward fostering community awareness and encouraging responsible stewardship of the environment.

In terms of sports instruction, there are various options to choose from. Public and private facilities offer lessons and courses tailored to different skill levels and interests. From swimming lessons at the local community pool to martial arts classes offered by specialized studios, you will find something that fits your preferences.

In conclusion, Staten Island offers a wide range of educational and recreational opportunities. Participating in these programs and using the available facilities can enhance your knowledge, develop new skills, and appreciate the local culture and environment. Don’t hesitate to explore these offerings and enjoy all that Staten Island offers.

College Athletics

Staten Island, a borough of New York City, has a rich tradition in college athletics. Students and sports enthusiasts on the island can find various opportunities to engage in competitive sports and recreational activities.

One of the public colleges in Staten Island is the College of Staten Island (CSI). CSI is a part of the City University of New York (CUNY) system and offers numerous intercollegiate sports programs. The athletics department at CSI prides itself on providing student-athletes an environment to excel academically and athletically, maintaining a well-rounded college experience.

Some of the sports programs offered at the College of Staten Island include:

As an NCAA Division III and CUNY Athletic Conference member, the College of Staten Island competes against other institutions within the state and the larger region. Not only does this foster a sense of camaraderie among the students, but it also helps build a strong community spirit on Staten Island.

Participating in college athletics isn’t just about playing sports; it’s also about promoting sportsmanship and personal growth. Furthermore, it enables you to develop valuable skills such as teamwork, discipline, and time management, which are transferable to other aspects of your life.

In addition to college-level athletics, numerous recreation centers, parks, and sports leagues are available for Staten Island and New York City residents. These facilities and organizations help provide various recreational options for people of all ages and skill levels.

You don’t have to be a college athlete to enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle on Staten Island. By exploring the city’s parks, recreational facilities, and sports leagues, you can stay physically and mentally fit while enjoying the beauty of this vibrant borough.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the operation hours of Ocean Breeze Park?

Ocean Breeze Park is open daily from 6 am to 9 pm. It is a great place to enjoy outdoor activities like walking, jogging, and picnicking. Check the park’s website or call ahead for any updates or changes to these hours.

What facilities does Greenbelt Recreation Center offer?

Greenbelt Recreation Center offers a variety of facilities for your enjoyment. These include an indoor swimming pool, basketball courts, a fitness center, a computer resource center, and spaces for activities like dance and yoga classes. They also provide outdoor sports fields and playgrounds for kids.

What park was built on a former landfill in Staten Island?

Freshkills Park, once a landfill site, has been transformed into a beautiful recreational area on Staten Island. Covering 2,200 acres, it is one of the largest ongoing park developments in New York City. As the park continues to evolve, it will offer a range of amenities, including walking and biking trails, playgrounds, and athletic fields.

What is the address of the Ocean Breeze Athletic Complex?

The Ocean Breeze Athletic Complex is at 625 Father Capodanno Blvd, Staten Island, NY 10305. This state-of-the-art facility features a 200-meter indoor track, fitness center, and space for various sports and athletic competitions.

Where can I find a guide for the Greenbelt Recreation area?

For a guide to the Greenbelt Recreation area, visit the NYC Parks Department website, or stop by the Greenbelt Nature Center at 700 Rockland Ave, Staten Island, NY 10314. The Nature Center provides maps, trail information, and upcoming events and programming details.

How many parks are there in Staten Island?

Staten Island has over 170 parks, ranging from small playgrounds to large nature reserves like the Staten Island Greenbelt. These parks offer various recreational opportunities for residents and visitors, such as hiking, sports, picnics, and wildlife observation.