Why Do I Have to Learn Math?

One of the most common questions from students is “Why do I have to learn math?” Well, in this short video we will go over how learning math can help you in your career and increase your opportunities in life. Math is important for each student on a personal level and for society as a […]

Introducing Technology in the Classroom

Our society is advancing through the remarkable use of technology, especially within education systems. The use of technology in an individual’s education prepares him for the future. It is a huge advantage for an individual to be tech-savvy. Aside from the experience of using technology, by introducing technology in classrooms, students are able to explore […]

Struggles with Math

Many students who develop struggles in mathematics often blame the subject as being too abstract, or nonconcrete. However, their struggles are often the result of a few main problems. It is difficult to keep up with each new topic if a student falls behind on one topic. It is extremely important for each student to […]