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SAT Topics and Lessons

The SAT has four sections: Reading Comprehension, Writing & Language, Math (No Calculator), and Math (Calculator). The test scores are broken into two main topics English, made up of the Reading Comprehension and Writing & Language sections, and Math, made up of the Math (No Calculator) and Math (Calculator) sections.

Below are the topics that we cover in our Online SAT Course.

SAT Math Topics

Solving Equations

Systems of Equations

Rates & Linear Functions


Data Analysis

Advanced Math

SAT Reading Topics

SAT Writing & Language Topics

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Old SAT Topics and Lessons

Below are the topics are for the old SAT. The old SAT, up to 2016, was made up of three different scores: Reading, Writing and Math. The writing sections included an essay. The current SAT has an optional essay.

After you finish the lessons below, try our Practice SATs

Critical Reading


Math Tricks

Numbers & Operations


Advanced Algebra



Data, Statistics, & Probability