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What is on the SAT?

The SAT (2016 revision) tests students’ abilites in two (2) subjects: English Language and Math.

What is the highest possible score on the SAT?

The highest score possible on the SAT is a 1600. Each section of the test is scored from a low of 200 points up to a possible 800 points.

Should I guess on the SAT?

Yes. Students are no longer penalized for incorrect answers on the SAT, so students should put an answer down for every question.

What score does a student need on the SAT in order to get into college?

There is no special score that a student needs in order to get into college. The required score varies from college to college. Here is a list of colleges and average SAT scores. In some cases an ACT score can be substituted for an SAT score. Also, the SAT score alone is not used to determine admission into a college. The student’s transcript will be reviewed prior to admission and other requirements such as a personal essay or resume may also be necessary.

How should I prepare for the SAT?

We always suggest taking a practice test first, when preparing for any test. We have a free diagnostic SAT (practice test) you can take online. You can also use your PSAT scores as a starting point. However, we analyze each questions more specifically.