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Reviews From Educators

“I like the video explanations for the high school math teachers and for their students. This would also help parents who sometimes are trying to help their children with math, but don’t understand themselves.”
– Educator, Los Angeles Area


“I really like the ease and flexibility of this program.”
– Teacher, Archdiocese of Los Angeles


“This is a great math product for middle school. I like that it provides the teacher with feedback and the students can get help with their lessons.”
– Teacher, Archdiocese of Los Angeles

Available Subjects for Online Math Homework:

  • Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra 1
  • Geometry
  • Algebra 2

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Solutions for Remote Learning and Blended Learning

Our online math platform is the perfect solution for teachers, whether they are instructing 100% remotely or only partially online. Before we get too far, here are simple definitions for remote and blended learning.

Remote Learning

Remote learning is a form of education in which all instruction and learning is done remotely (not at a physical location with an in-person educator). The education can be live, recorded, text, gamified, etc. and still be considered a form of remote learning.

Blended Learning

Blended learning is a combination of remote learning and traditional in-person education. The percent of time spent using one form of education vs. the other doesn’t matter. It will be considered blended learning if at least some part of the learning is done online and some part is done in-person at a physical location. However, students must also have some element of control regarding what they do and what pace they move at.

Blended Learning Examples

  1. Students are given access to online math lessons to watch at home and attempt practice questions. If a student needs help a teacher(s) can help at school, while students who show competency are able to move on.
  2. Students are taught a lesson in school and are given an assignment to complete online. If the student needs help, video lessons, explanations or other support is available. Students can review past material for support also.

Blended learning appears to have taken on another meaning from education officials that encompasses any mix of traditional in-person education and online education., especially now with COVID-19.

Blended Learning in NYC

In NYC, for example, the chancellor and mayor have proposed “blended learning” in which students report to school for 2 or 3 days during a week and learn remotely the other days. In this case, there isn’t necessarily a plan to allow students to move at their own pace as defined by the accepted definition of blended learning, but we understand their intention.

Ways to support teachers and students in a form on “blended learning” during the coronavirus pandemic:

  1. Use Caddell Prep to assign math lessons and practice problems to students to complete on their own at home. Students will be able to learn from their mistakes by watching video explanations of incorrectly answered questions. Then, in school, teachers can help students with questions that the majority of the class answered incorrectly to make sure everyone is up to speed.
  2. Teachers teach math lessons during school sessions and assign online math homework to their students to be completed at home. Students can still review Caddell Prep’s explanations to incorrectly answered questions and watch Caddell Prep’s lessons if they choose to.
  3. Students who are falling behind in class can be assigned lessons to watch and problems to practice at home on their own. This way the class is able to move forward without slowing down for some students.

Online Education

Caddell Prep has been at the forefront of online education since 2012, when online courses were made for the Algebra and Geometry Regents. Now, Caddell Prep helps educate students around the world in math and helps prepare students for standardized tests. For more information on Caddell Prep, click here.

With the current pandemic affecting students around the world, and especially hard in our hometown of New York City, we look forward to providing more help and relief to parents, students and teachers.