9th Grade SHSAT

What’s on the 9th Grade SHSAT? 9th Grade SHSAT different from the 8th grade SHSAT. It is more competitive than the 8th grade SHSAT since there are a lot less spots available in the schools. As a result, you’ll need to aim for a higher score on the 9th grade test than the 8th grade […]

<div align="center">Best Advice for New Teachers</div>

Being a teacher is hard work, and it can be incredibly stressful, especially for new teachers. From teachers we have spoken with, we’ve found that the first year is typically the hardest. So, we’ve asked experienced teachers to share their best advice for teachers who are just starting out. Thank to the great community of […]

<div align="center">How to Prepare for the SAT</div>

The SAT is a test that is on the minds or parents and their children from about the time the kid graduates junior high school. As a result, some parents start preparing their kids at an early age. There are many different conflicting pieces of information regarding when and how to best prepare for the […]

10 Lessons to Teach Your Child Before They Turn 18

10 Lessons I Wish I Knew Before I Turned 18! Hi everyone! As some of you know, my wife and I were recently blessed with our first son about six and a half months ago. I have had the pleasure of working with and helping many children over the years. However, having a child of […]

How Many Questions Can You Get Wrong and Still Get a Good SAT Score?

This is a little difficult to answer simply because “good” means different things to different people. For the sake of simplicity, 1000 is an average SAT score, so we will say 1200 is a good score. We will also look at getting a 1400.   How Each Part of the SAT is Scored First it’s […]

Should You Guess on the SAT?

The answer is pretty simple: yes. On past versions of the SAT, students were penalized 0.25 points for incorrect answers, so students were advised not to guess. However, on the current version of the SAT, as of 2016, students should definitely guess on questions that they don’t know the answers to. It is definitely in […]

CUNY Colleges: Majors, Acceptance Rates, Tuition, & Campuses

Senior Colleges: City College Hunter College Baruch College Brooklyn College Queens College New York City College of Technology John Jay College of Criminal Justice York College Lehman College Medgar Evers College College of Staten Island Honors College: William E. Macaulay Honors College Community Colleges: Bronx Community College Queensborough Community College Borough of Manhanttan Community College […]

SUNY Colleges: Majors, Acceptance Rates, Tuition, & Campuses

SUNY (State University of New York) is a system of public institutions of higher education including colleges, universities, community colleges and other programs. There are over 424,000 students are enrolled throughout SUNY. SUNY includes the following universities: Binghamton University Stony Brook University University at Albany University at Buffalo It also has the following doctoral degree […]

New Kids’ Book: Lucas & His Rocket

With the birth of my son approaching, I started thinking about all of the things I want to teach him and do with him. I had really big ambitions, probably too high, like building an electric kid’s car with him. I’d have to teach myself first. We’ll see what happens. I realized what really matter […]

SHSAT Prep Class for Mark Twain

Our SHSAT Prep class for Mark Twain students is designed to best prepare students for the SHSAT. We have broken down the topics of the verbal and math sections into small, focused lessons with associated practice problems for students to hone their test-taking abilities. Due to requests from parents of Mark Twain students, we have […]