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About Caddell Prep

Caddell Prep was created after the founder, Glyn J Caddell, was laid off from an NYC engineering firm at the beginning of the recession. It provided the opportunity and incentive to switch gears and work on something that he really cared about; education. After tutoring for a few years, he quickly realized that he was teaching the same lessons over and over again to the many different students who came to Caddell Prep’s tutoring center. Rather than repeat the same lessons to each student individually or to a classroom of students, Caddell realized it would be more beneficial to record the lessons so they would be available to any student at any time.

While Caddell Prep’s main tutoring center is still helping many of the students on Staten Island, many of the math lessons are available for free to everyone. Education is not only extremely important to our founder, but also to the future of our country. Future advances in science and technology depend largely on the quality of the education available to students.

MyHeadshot-225x300Glyn J Caddell
Tutor since 2006

New Jersey Institute of Technology, BS Mechanical Engineering

High School:
Staten Island Technical HS

SAT Score:

Math: 800 (99th percentile)
Critical Reading: 740 (98th percentile)
Writing: 650 (90th percentile)

Total: 2190

Other Notable Accomplishments:
President of Staten Island Technical High School Alumni Association
Sept. 2015 – Present

Captain of NJIT Mini-Baja Team
Sept. 2005 – June 2006

[email protected]


Alyssa - Office Manager
Alyssa Paquette
Office Manager

College of Staten Island
BA English
Minor in Business

High School:
St. Joseph by-the-Sea High School

Alyssa is very detail-oriented and keeps the business, classes and schedule running smoothly. With a background in education and business, she is able to handle the demands of day-to-day tasks while serving parents and students professionally.

Alyssa is also a talented writer, who contributes regularly to our blog.

Jonathan- SAT Tutor
Jonathan Ellis

NYU Stern
BS Management

High School:

SAT Score:
Math: 760
Critical Reading: 650
Writing: 780

Students love Jonathan’s bright personality in class and during one-on-one tutoring, whether it is for math, SAT, SHSAT, TACHS or most other high school subjects.

Because of Jonathan’s expertise, he has also contributed to the creation of our lessons and some practice problems for test prep and high school math.

Yuriy Sukhorukov

SUNY Geneseo
BA Communication

High School:
Staten Island Technical HS

SAT Score:
Math: 720
Critical Reading: 720
Writing: 710

Students appreciate Yuriy’s professionalism and thorough explanation of problems and concepts. Yuriy has taught our SAT and TACHS classes, and he has tutored students for SAT, SHSAT, TACHS, ACT, and math.

Donegan - Tutor
Patrick Donegan

St. John’s University
BS Finance
MSEd Education

High School:
Staten Island Technical HS

Patrick is able to relate to students very well during one-on-one tutoring sessions, and he inspires confidence in the students he works with.