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About Caddell Prep

The most important goal of Caddell Prep, formerly SINY Tutor, is to provide students with the knowledge and confidence necessary to excel in school and on tests.

Many students find Math to be their most difficult subject, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Sometimes in order for a student to grasp a topic, the topic just has to be explained in a different way or a previous topic needs to be reexplained.

Glyn J Caddell
Owner/Main Tutor
Tutor since 2006

New Jersey Institute of Technology, BS Mechanical Engineering

High School:
Staten Island Technical HS

SAT Score:

Math: 800 (99th percentile)
Critical Reading: 740 (98th percentile)
Writing: 650 (90th percentile)

Total: 2190



Contact Info:

Direct: (347) 349-0422

Caddell Prep’s Facebook Profile: facebook.com/CaddellPrep

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